Hey! You won!

Specifically, two of you:

First book goes to JUAN MARROQUIN! Congratulations! He wrote: “My favorite ‘strong woman’ is Elizabeth Bennet, from ‘Pride and Prejudice’. She is strong and does her best with the resources she had at hand, gracefully but without giving up.”

Second book goes to LIZ W, who is @westbynorth on Twitter. Congratulations to you, as well!

Juan, Liz, I’ll be in touch later today to get your mailing addresses.

Now, for the rest of you amazing people who indulged this little game, you can still win a copy of the book, in a sense. It just requires a purchase — of the book.

(Sorry. It’s the opposite of “No Purchase Necessary.” I had to.)

Anyway, The Last Love of George Sand is officially on sale from all your favorite sellers (disclaimer: first two are affiliate links, but you can bypass them if you so desire):

Barnes & Noble
…or your favorite local bookshop

Spread the word! George Sand is here, in English, as you’ve never seen her before.



*doot doodoodoo doot doot doot doooooooooooo*

And ain't she a beauty?

And ain’t she a beauty?

As promised. I wouldn’t let you down.

The Prize: Two (2) randomly-chosen people will each receive one (1) hardcover copy of The Last Love of George Sand, by Evelyne Bloch-Dano, translated by yours truly, published by Arcade Publishing, released February 6, 2013. Each book will be signed by me and inscribed however you’d like.

The Entry(-ies): There are two ways of entering, each of which grants you one entry (so every person can enter up to twice).

  1. In honor of George Sand, leave a comment on this post of who your favorite strong woman is. Bonus brownie points for explaining why.
  2. To help spread the word, tweet a link to this post. Must either tweet at me (@sunshineabroad) or include this hashtag: #GeorgeSandGiveaway

The Deadline: Tonight! Wednesday, February 6, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

The Rules: After the contest, I will randomly select two entrants (by assigning a number to each comment and Twitter account and using a random number generator), and announce the winners on this blog on Thursday, February 7. I will then contact the winners for their mailing address. Anyone with a valid mailing address anywhere in the world may enter. Limit two entries per person.

The Why: George Sand is freaking cool. And I loved working on this book. I’d like to share it with people.

Good luck to all!

TK: Giveaway!

Yes, you read that right. It’s almost time for the First Not-Nearly-Regular-Enough-To-Be-Called-Annual A.M.C. Giveaway!

(A.M.C. stands for me. Allison M. Charette. Not that similarly-named movie-related company. All rights reserved, or something.)

I’ve just received my box of books for The Last Love of George Sand, and boy, do they look nice. Take a look!

The Last Love of George Sand

Look at the pretty!

To celebrate, I’ve decided to give not one, but TWO FREE COPIES away! Not today, mind, you, but when the official pub date rolls around.

So, mark your calendars for February 6. That’s pub date, and that’s when I’ll be giving away two (yes, 2) copies of the book. For free. Should be awesome. Details TK.


P.S. “TK” is publishing-speak for “to come.” Why it ended up not being a real acronym is beyond me.