Culture shock

I went to the pool today with one of the maitresses and her son, even though it was 50 degrees and raining — indoor pool.  (By the by, the weather is weird here.  Everyone’s complaining about it.  Apparently, it snowed over a foot in the mountains this morning while it was raining here.  In MAY.)  We had lots of fun, I saw some of my kids from school, we all splashed around and dove for rings and swam laps, etc.etc.etc.  But…

CULTURE SHOCK: Guys’ swimsuits are more revealing than girls’ here.  Every single male, toddler to boy to teenager to man, wears a little Speedo-esque number.  Most are about as small as bikini bottoms that us Americans are used to seeing on girls.  Fortunately, none of them are string bikinis.  I did, however, see a lovely little tie-dyed number on one of the 40-something lifeguards.  I realize that France is nude-beach territory, and I have nothing against guys leaving so little to the imagination (although that’s not really to my taste), but it surprised me to see that from every single male in a family pool.

Tie-dyed, though…


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