Tidbits, Vol. VI — Germany, beyond German


I kid.


Even though I’ve been admiring the breadth of European history for some time, I’m still amazed whenever I go to a city like Tübingen.  There’s such a great mixture of history and current events — the university was founded in the 1400s, there’s still graffiti up from student movements in the 1960s and 70s, there’s an old castle with a French motto carved into the gate, and it still has today a huge student population, about a third of the city.

I’m very glad I’m no longer in college.  I would much rather go to a restaurant or pub with friends and have a good meal and a couple drinks than go out to a club and get wasted.  I had almost forgotten how much pressure there is to partake in the latter at school.

“From Hell” is a very creepy movie.  Good, but creepy.

On a related note, I had also forgotten how much I enjoy going to the cinema sometimes.  In two weeks of vacation, I went to see three movies, plus four others at my friend’s place.  The closest cinema to me is a 20 minute drive away… which is difficult sans car.

Porsches are pretty.  In spite of my pedigree, I’m not one who can name most cars in the blink of an eye, besides ones that are owned by people I know well, so I didn’t know much about Porsches before going to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart.  And all I can say, after an hour of staring at Porsches, is that Porsches are PRETTY.  And powerful.  I think I want one.

Pink Floyd’s music can be treated well by a philharmonic orchestra, but the singing should be left to the group.  Especially when a rock orchestra, who actually plays rather good Pink Floyd arrangements, decides that in their infinite wisdom they should have four classically trained opera singers sharing vocal duties during the concert.

Although it’s not fun to let three years pass in between times to see a good friend, you know they’re a good friend when you can just pick up right where you left off.


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