I’m not afraid of the dark

Well, not really.  I mean, I am, kinda, but not because of monsters.  Just because I’m not used to it.  When the moon’s not out, it’s pitch black, save little points of light in the sky.  It’s actually better when clouds cover the sky, because the streetlights from the town are reflected over the mountain, to where I can see.

Okay, I’m not really afraid of the dark — I just startle easily, and I don’t like being startled.  It’s the same reason I don’t go see horror movies as a general rule.

All this to say: when the neighbor’s normally silent and untrusting calico cat starts yowling at 8pm, I jump.  And when it starts screaming right before I go to bed, so loud that I can’t tell if it’s a human or a cat scream, then I get scared of the dark.  Because I can’t go find it now…and even if I could, would I want to face what’s making it scream?

It’s probably just a stinging bug, fresh from winter hibernation.  But still.


What do you think?

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