Lonely No More

The main problem with living here is that I’m so freaking lonely.  Or, it was a big problem.  Now, for a full six weeks, I have found a solution.  It’s called my boyfriend.  He’s come to visit me for a few weeks here, and then I’m going back to NYC for February vacations (where I will of course still see him).  Suddenly, I have someone to share all my experiences with, someone to see every day, someone to speak English with, someone to cook dinner with, someone to help carry my groceries (which is good, because you buy more for two people), someone who gives me an ego boost because his French is worse than mine.  Even though he knew the word for powdered sugar when I had forgotten.

So, what have I done for the past ten days?  Besides having so much fun that I’ve forgotten to update my blog?  Well, here’s a quick overview.  I have:
–made a general plan for all lessons until the end of the year
–not yet figured out when my “end of the year” will be
–been asked by a 6-year-old if I was pregnant…..twice
–seen a helicopter fly 20 feet above my house (yes, 20 feet: we thought it may hit a tree and explode into a firey ball of catastrophe)
–played a lot of Magic
–had another assistant friend over for a night of L’argentière excitement (which included a delicious dinner, chatting, watching Firefly, and just generally being giggly and inappropriate)
–been to market three times
–become re-convinced that I know the best pasta vendor EVER
–gotten a number of generous hunks of bread for free
–received our daily bread….and cheese…..and sausage

Life is good.  After about a week of shoddy behavior in class, the kids are engaged again.  I got their attention back.  Now the “problem class” of 3rd graders is working silently for 20 minutes at a time.  They can do it!


One thought on “Lonely No More

  1. Umm, why would they think you’re pregnant?! Did you introduce them to your boyfriend or something? I made that mistake and now everytime I walk into my middle school classes, their first questions is always “Where’s Andrew?!”. Sweet, I guess, but also makes me feel lonely.

    Glad you’re getting to spend so much time with your little (male)friend! I’m jealous! 🙂

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