Cela se peut.  On sait jamais.

9:30am: K, the maternelle aide, tells me that it’s probably going to snow tomorrow.  Besides, we’re due for snow, she says.  It’ll usually come about this time.

Lunchtime: Half of the discussion is about potential snow and previous snowfall.

2:30pm: AM, the 2nd grade teacher, tells me that I don’t need to come to school tomorrow (I wouldn’t anyway, I don’t work Fridays), because the school bus lines have been cancelled because it’s going to snow tomorrow.  I’m surprised, and ask how they know that already.  She says that all the weathermen and newspapers and channels are saying it’s going to come.

4pm: Flo, the principal, asks me if I’m going to build a snowman tomorrow.  She says they’ll probably cancel school tomorrow anyway.

5:30pm: Laura, my neighbor, explains about French alerts for almost anything, including snow.  It’s comparable to our severe weather levels, like so: Alerte Orange is a watch.  Alerte Rouge (red) is a warning.  Noir (black) is when your house is being hit by a tornado: just stay in your basement, and don’t leave.  Apparently, we’re already in orange.  She says there’s supposed to be 30cm (about a foot) of snow tonight.

Apparently, it snows here about once a year.  We’ll see if anything starts falling from the sky to match the hype.

Oh, and I don’t have snow boots.  Drat.


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