Ceux qui font la grève

Workers on strike!

Teachers, this time.  Teachers and other school professionals.  Normal reasons for a strike: contracts are being revisited, revised as they expire, and benefits and salaries aren’t what they should be.  But in France, everyone goes on strike all the time.  At least, that’s what it feels like.  A 1-3 day strike is just what one needs to make some changes.  Or to be merely symbolic.  Depends on the union and the cause.

So today, all across France, 55% of teachers went on strike.  Subs were called in, many schools were flat-out cancelled.  People grumbled, but went about their normal daily lives, as always.  Except in L’argentière, no strike was held.  All the teachers were in attendance today.  The only way I knew about the strike was via Facebook and one print-out of the “call to strike!” email in the teacher’s lounge at school last week…but no one ever spoke of it.  The most rebellious the teachers got today was ordering delivery pizza from the local restaurant for lunch.


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