Comment dit-on “chalk” en français??

How do you say “chalk” in French?

However you say it, my hands are covered with it.  And today was a very good day.  Not because the kids were particularly well-behaved, but because I was in control of the classroom.  Also because I’m starting to figure out what makes them tick, what they’ll pay attention to at different levels.  I’m no expert — I never will be — but I’m starting to be able to actually make this work.  More oral work, more variance of activities, even if it’s exactly the same thing said a different way….  All of this I know, all of this I’ve been told, but figuring out how it works in practice is another story.  But it’s coming.

Also, this marks the first full day that I’ve taught and not been exhausted.

And random: Raffi is Canadian.  Yeah, the children’s/environmental singer-songwriter.  He grew up in Canada.  So some of his songs are in French.  Did not realize that.  Some of his songs are in both French and English.  Did not know that either.  My greatest discovery so far has been that his recorded version of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” is bilingual.  French and English.  YAY!

(It’s “la craie.”)


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