Et…j’ai perdu la voix

Oh crap…I lost my voice

(a.k.a. Slightly Regrettable Differences Between College and the Real World)

In college, if you lose your voice, fine.  Go to class, don’t say anything, just pray that there’s no required singing in the next two days.  If you get sick, you have your choice of staying home or going to class, depending on the degree of illness and the proximity to exams and the size of the class and your relation to the teacher and how far you have to walk and a whole slew of other things.

When you’re a teacher, you experience a bit of a paradigm shift.  If you get sick, you stay home.  Kids’ immune systems are too weak.  And besides, you do NOT want to try to deal with twenty mischievous balls of energy if you’re not at the top of your game.

But if you lose your voice…new set of problems.  It’s not like you’ll get them sick (discounting cases of bronchitis and the like), but how the heck are you supposed to control the kids if you can’t even speak?  If they’re immune to yelling (as at least one of my classes is), do they respond to whispering?

Fortunately, I didn’t have to test that theory, as I only lost my voice during the last half of the last class of the day.  I was worried about today — I got a little sick after getting back from Scotland, but I got better, except for going to bed with a sore throat last night.  So I approached today armed with five cups of tea and a constantly refilled water bottle, and I made it.  Until 3pm.  Then, literally in the middle of class, my voice just suddenly gave out.  And I lost the kids.  I mean, they were fine, but there was a subtle yet distinct difference in their behavior once I started squeaking and going faint.

And now I have a long weekend to recuperate.  Thank goodness for French school systems.


One thought on “Et…j’ai perdu la voix

  1. If I lost my voice, my children would probably throw most of the room out the window, swing from the ceiling, and then set what was left of the room on fire.

    ahh teaching.

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