After three days in Edinburgh, I have decided that I might be a little too adaptable for my own good.  I’ve already been to the grocery store more often than my hostess.  I’m already used to the weather.  I’m already planning on dancing two nights in a row.  (As a side note, this is what happens when I’m in a city — I find their swing dancing and I go join in.  Some call it an addiction, I call it life.)  I can also read someone else’s bank account and figure out why their balance is the way it is.  I’m also dangerously close to speaking French more often than English, or to speaking English with a British or Scottish accent more often than in my own.

Also strange at times, this is a very good skill to have.  This is how I have the time of my life just wandering around European cities.  This is what makes it so easy for me to travel, when I can figure out subway systems at the drop of a hat and take any unpredictable changes in stride.

When it comes right down to it, I’m pretty much just an electrical adapter that you plug into a wall outlet to charge your laptop with.  I don’t convert the voltage — I pick up the natural flow of the city around me and channel it through me.  I just find a place for my American self to fit in, naturally, with the pulse of life that’s already there.


What do you think?

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