On the road again…

On my way to Edinburgh!  Via Aubenas, Montélimar, Lyon, Lille, London, and Newcastle.  That would be 3 busses, 4 trains, 1 hostel, and 1 friend’s place, all in 3 days.  3 days of travel.  Thus, why I’m flying back in a week and a half.  But this is an awesome adventure.  I’m very excited.  And pictures will finally be coming, too!  As of Wednesday, I have a camera.  It came courtesy of a care package which was sitting in German customs for a couple weeks.  No one knows why.

Trains and busses are the only things in France that can ever run on time or early.  Case in point: when I started working three weeks ago, I was always very nervous about being on time.  Everyone had reminded us to be early for our first day, and for every day.  I am a trained dog, jumping through hoops to my assigned seat every time the bell rings.  And I will not be late.  Except for the first morning, when I was supposed to take the CM2 kids (5th graders) at 8:45am to start my day, and I didn’t finish the prep work in my classroom until 8:47.  I double-checked everything, rushed around, grabbed my scarf, ran outside…and the kids were all still playing in the courtyard.  The teachers didn’t call them in until about five ’til.  Sometimes, they’re 15 minutes late.  But nobody cares.  Let them have their fun.  It’s not that they’re late.  It’s just that nobody feels like leaving the sunshine yet.  Because once they get into their class…no more running around, no more speaking unless spoken to.  It’s just odd.

In other news, I’m speaking English again.  It’s so nice to speak English to someone, face-to-face.  I’ve realized that the lack of English is part of why I’m getting so homesick.  Homesickness is pining over a lack of familiarity.  And what is more familiar than one’s mother tongue?


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