I always love doing laundry in the States.  The smell of fabric softener, the feel of warm clothes in your hands….  (Thank you, Penny.)  I’m comforted by folding laundry.  It’s the one chore where you have to slow down, relax.  You can make it as perfect as you want.  Organization is key.

In France, the situation changes a bit.  Actually doing laundry becomes a bit more of a chore.  Each load takes 1.5 hours just to wash, at about one-third the size of normal loads in the States.  So 2 weeks worth of laundry for one person does actually take all day to do, especially when sheets and towels are added in.  Plus, dryers are practically non-existent.  No dryer sheets, no soft fluffy towels, no warm pajamas to snuggle in.  When I studied in Paris, the dryer rack was on a pulley system hanging above the kitchen table.  Good morning, breakfast time with the host parents! …right underneath my drying undies.  Fun times.

Out in the countryside, however, there’s space.  And sunshine.  So for the time being, even in the middle of autumn, you can hang your clothes out to dry on your terrace in the sun.  Doing such a comforting task outside, the sun shining down on your back and a fresh, cool breeze whispering through your hair, hanging clothes that smell like fresh peaches, humming a quiet melody….  I could do this all day.

Fancy that.  I have to do it all day. 😉


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