C’est un peu archaïque, mais…

It’s a little archaic maybe, but…

I have officially gotten my laugh back.  Except it’s in French this time.  After school, I hung around for a supposed meeting with the music teacher (which never happened — he never showed), and ended up in glorious, giggly conversation with the directrice (Flo) and the prof des CM1/CM2, the 4th/5th grade teacher (Lo).  We were going on about speed dating, because I’m starting up a conversation workshop for the teachers one hour a week starting next Thursday, and I joked that the inspecteur had said I should start with speed dating.  There’s one male on staff here.  This, of course, led to them trying to speak English.  They know the basics, of course, but I’m not entirely sure how much conversation they’ll be able to do.  But I was getting ready to leave, and Lo said “So do you.”  In response to…nothing.  She was a bit confused, and ended up anticipating me saying something along the lines of “Have a good weekend.”  I, of course, gave her a weird look, a bit inadvertently, because on ne dit pas vraiment “So do you” in response to anything.  It’s not said too often, especially in the States.  She says, in French:

“What’s the problem?  Don’t you say that?”
“Kinda, but it’s a bit archaic…”

And Flo et Lo cracked up.  Oh, it was the funniest thing they’d ever heard.  Eventually, I was teasing her that my great-grandmother in England didn’t even speak like that, it’s Shakespearian English.  OH so funny.  This lasted for ten minutes.  None of us could breathe by the end.

And just like that, I’m back in my element.  I may not know what I’m doing, but I can laugh with people, as hard as I want, especially because Flo’s laugh very nearly matches mine.  Lo said “Y’know, you’re going to go back to the States and tell stories about how you ended up in a school of crazy people.”  I merely thought, “But this is how I like it.  With people who aren’t afraid of laughter.”


2 thoughts on “C’est un peu archaïque, mais…

  1. Aww, cute.
    I wish people at my school laughed. I can say I have never seen a teacher laugh at my school. It is pretty rough there.

    Keep up the good work allison!

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