Yeah, cooties.  Remember those?  The epidemic that swept elementary schools across the country in about 4th grade?  When girls started noticing that boys were different, and boys started noticing that girls were different…  You could get cooties just by touching someone of the opposite sex.  Ewww.  The only way to avoid it, besides running really fast all the time, was to get a cootie shot.  “Circle, circle, dot, dot…”  Etc.

Y’know what cooties are in France these days?  Grippe A.  That’s swine flu.

“Anthony touched me!  He gave me swine flu!”

All I could do was laugh.  I’m pretty sure that’s not professional.  At least I turned my head.  But I don’t think that really helps when my laugh echoes off of every wall in the courtyard.


What do you think?

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