Et qu’est-ce qu’on a appris aujourd’hui?

So, what have we learned today?

What have I learned today?  Oh, let’s make a list:
1. I learned that when it rains in Ardèche, it pours.  All. Frickin’. Day.
2. I learned that my backpack is not, in fact, waterproof.
3. I learned that it’s better to be paranoid when it comes to carrying papers in the rain.  I literally saved all of my lesson plans to this point and my planner and my Colette book by taking them out of my backpack before I went down to L’argentière to go grocery shopping.
4. I learned that some other people think it’s crazy to walk down to and back up from L’argentière in normal circumstances.  I did it in a rainstorm.

Also, I learned that I can start (somewhat unconsciously) imitating people faster than I thought.  I’m already turning into two of the main teachers, just from a couple hours of observation.  Which is actually a good thing.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any idea how to discipline in French.

Oh, and:
5. I learned that if I actually get énervée (somewhere between annoyed and mad) at the kids, I’ll reprimand them in English first, then French.  Completely accidentally.  As if they can actually understand the English. 😛


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