School buses

They’re not yellow in France.  Actually, they don’t really exist here, at least not according to our conception of school buses.  In the cities, kids take public transportation (with their parents) or are driven to school.  And in the countryside, I discovered today, the regional buses have special lines added around the times that schools begin and end for students to take advantage of, along with a severely discounted monthly (or perhaps annual) pass.  But it’s really only the Jr. High and HS students who take the buses.  Each village, no matter how small, seems to have its own primary school.  Beyond that, it’s luck of the draw to see how close your town will be to the nearest high school, especially if it’s the type of high school you want to study in.  They’re very specialized.  More on that later…

But yes.  School buses are not yellow.  In fact, no bus that I’ve seen is yellow.  Thus, when I showed the four-year-old Gris boy a video of “Wheels on the Bus” on Youtube (because he asked me to play it on my computer, and I didn’t have it on iTunes), which, having been made in the States, featured a smiling, yellow, cartoonish school bus, he said that it was wrong, and the bus looked funny.  So there’s really no “school bus yellow” color here, either.


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