This feeling might be roughly equivalent to the feeling Tom Hanks’ character gets in Castaway when he figures out how to make fire.  (Maybe.  I’ve never actually seen the movie.  That was just from previews.)

The funny thing is, the sole reason I have internet now is because I read the instruction manual.  I had been trying to connect to the landlord’s daughter’s network (with her help), but I didn’t want to intrude or make her feel unintelligent or anything, so after a few password tries, we gave up, and I just used her computer.  But she’s on vacation now until Wednesday, and gave me the keys to her place for if I wanted to use the computer, so I took the opportunity to poke around a bit, press some buttons, read some manuals, see if I could figure it out.  Turned out the Livebox (router thingy) had to be set up for multiple computers, and of course hadn’t been.  Oh, how many people would be happier and would spend less money if they only read the instruction manuals…

In other news, I’ve started talking to spiders and geckos.  Fortunately for my view of reality, they haven’t answered back yet.  But the geckos are adorably funny — when you approach them, they’ll either sit there and let you practically step on their tails, or they’ll scatter.  Fast.  And it doesn’t actually matter if you approach quietly or making lots of noise, stomping or on tiptoes.  As for the spiders, I was singing today (suprised?), and I created a new lyric for the end of a song from the musical The Last Five Years.  I sang: “So hurry up, shmuck, get unstuck, and get on the scene!  Love, the midget, the stripper, Wayne the snake, and the really big brown spider on my ceiling…that’s not me.”  (It was normal until “the really big brown spider,” if you’re wondering.)  Then I talked to it while I knocked it down from the ceiling, put it in a basket, and took it outside to the bushes a good 50 feet from my door.  Just to reassure it.  Because it can obviously understand me.  …I am officially living by myself.

I went on a run today.  And now that you’ve all recovered from the shock and gotten back into your chairs from the floor, I think it was about 2 miles.  And now that you’re all back from the hospital, having recovered from the heart attacks, it was GORGEOUS.  Very hilly, mostly switchback roads, and about 3/4 of a mile out, you look out onto an entire valley.  If I ever get a camera, I’ll take a picture, because I really don’t want to type out 1000 or more words trying to describe it.  Suffice to say that it’s beautiful, and the sun was out, and I actually forgot how little endurance I have for approximately 2 minutes.

Since it’s a Sunday, nothing is open.  So the highlight of today (besides figuring out the internet situation, of course) has actually been gathering chestnuts and yellow flowers that look like what I’d imagine crocuses to be.  I don’t know anything about botany.  Is that overly apparent?

Internet.  Ahhhh.  Yay.  I feel so much calmer now that I’m reconnected to the world, to the people I love.  Some may claim that we are (I am) too dependent on computers, on the Internet, but when you’ve just moved to a foreign country and you don’t really know anyone, connections to familiar things are the most important part of keeping your sanity.  Thus, the Internet is one of the best inventions known to man.


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